CCLA Monitored Bills 2019

LegiScan Monitor Report

Updated June 3, 2019

Bill #PositionSummary
AB7WatchDaylight saving time.
AB9WatchEmployment discrimination: limitation of actions.
AB11WatchCommunity Redevelopment Law of 2019.
AB14SupportMultifamily Housing Program: homeless youths: homeless families.
AB17WatchElections: vote by mail ballots.
AB18WatchFirearms: excise tax.
AB21OpposeDriver’s licenses: veteran designation.
AB22WatchHousing: safe and clean shelter for children.
AB25SupportCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
AB32SupportState prisons: private, for-profit administration services.
AB33SupportState public retirement systems: divestiture from private prison companies.
AB34WatchPupils: bullying and harassment prevention information.
AB36WatchResidential tenancies: rent control.
AB45SupportInmates: medical care: fees.
AB46SupportIndividuals with mental illness: change of term.
AB49SupportCalifornia Voter Protection Act of 2019.
AB51SupportEmployment discrimination: enforcement.
AB53SupportRental housing unlawful housing practices: applications: criminal records.
AB54SupportPeace officers: video and audio recording: disclosure.
AB59SupportElections: polling places: college and university campuses.
AB61OpposeGun violence restraining orders.
AB70WatchMental health in schools.
AB116SupportBudget Act of 2019.
AB132WatchTrial costs: Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr.
AB134SupportSafe Drinking Water Restoration.
AB137OpposePublic safety officers: investigations and interviews.
AB139WatchEmergency and Transitional Housing Act of 2019.
AB149WatchControlled substances: prescriptions.
AB163SupportServices for unaccompanied undocumented minors: facilities liaison.
AB175SupportFoster care: rights.
AB177SupportElection day holiday.
AB218WatchDamages: childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations.
AB242SupportCourts: attorneys: implicit bias: training.
AB243OpposeImplicit bias training: peace officers.
AB288SupportConsumer privacy: social media companies.
AB289WatchCalifornia Public Records Act Ombudsperson.
AB300SupportHate crime and incident reporting.
AB304SupportWiretapping: authorization.
AB310SupportTrial Jury Selection and Management Act.
AB339WatchGun violence restraining orders: law enforcement procedures.
AB340WatchFirearms: armed prohibited persons.
AB359SupportPolitical Reform Act of 1974: postgovernment employment.
AB362SupportControlled substances: overdose prevention program.
AB373WatchCrimes: punishment.
AB384SupportInformation privacy: digital health feedback systems.
AB391OpposeLeased and rented vehicles: embezzlement and theft.
AB392SupportPeace officers: deadly force.
AB396SupportSchool employees: School Social Worker Pilot Program.
AB397WatchVehicles: driving under the influence: statistics.
AB410SupportVehicles: motor vehicle sideshows.
AB413SupportEducation: at-promise youth.
AB433OpposeProbation: notice to victim.
AB439SupportJuveniles: competency.
AB444WatchSex offenders: registration: solicitation of a minor.
AB445WatchCompensation for victims’ attorney fees: Marsy’s Law.
AB446WatchDiscrimination: housing: victims of domestic violence.
AB484SupportCrimes: probation.
AB500SupportSchool and community college employees: paid maternity leave.
AB504WatchVoter registration: residency confirmation.
AB506SupportLong-term health facilities.
AB564WatchMail ballot elections: vacancies: congressional or legislative offices.
AB615SupportAlcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment services: referrals.
AB665OpposeParole: youth offender parole hearings.
AB701SupportPrisoners: exoneration: housing costs.
AB702SupportCounsel representing indigent defendants: payment.
AB724SupportRental property data registry.
AB758SupportSolicitation of employees: strikes, lockouts, and labor disturbances.
AB813WatchDevelopmental services: alternative dispute resolution.
AB814SupportVehicles: unlawful access to computer systems.
AB855SupportDepartment of Justice: law enforcement policies on the use of deadly force.
AB873OpposeCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
AB874OpposeCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
AB884OpposeSex offender registration.
AB904SupportSearch warrants: tracking devices.
AB928OpposeChild sexual exploitation: administrative subpoenas.
AB1073SupportImmigration enforcement activities.
AB1170WatchPeace officer training: intellectual and developmental disabilities.
AB1182SupportPost-release supervision of offenders.
AB1215SupportLaw enforcement: facial recognition and other biometric surveillance.
AB1280SupportCrimes: deceptive recordings.
AB1282SupportImmigration enforcement: private transportation.
AB1316SupportInternet: social media or search engine service: censorship.
AB1321WatchJuvenile facilities: use of chemical spray.
AB1324SupportFoster children: immigration counsel.
AB1331SupportCriminal justice data.
AB1332WatchSanctuary State Contracting and Investment Act.
AB1355OpposePersonal information.
AB1390SupportDeferred entry of judgment pilot program.
AB1395SupportInformation privacy: other connected device with a voice recognition feature.
AB1405WatchPermanent supportive housing for parolees.
AB1416OpposeBusiness: collection and disclosures of consumer personal information.
AB1422SupportHate crimes: homeless status.
AB1423WatchTransfers to juvenile court.
AB1435WatchThe State Department of State Hospitals: investigations.
AB1449WatchCalifornia Victim Compensation Board: victim restitution: eligibility for compensation.
AB1450SupportChild abuse reporting: cross-reporting among local agencies.
AB1493WatchGun violence restraining order: petition.
AB1496WatchSexual assault: evidence.
AB1510WatchSexual assault and other sexual misconduct: statutes of limitations on civil actions.
AB1537OpposeJuvenile records: inspection: prosecutorial discovery.
AB1559WatchFirearms: emergency concealed carry permits.
AB1564SupportConsumer privacy: consumer request for disclosure methods.
AB1600SupportDiscovery: personnel records: peace officers and custodial officers.
AB1607SupportGender discrimination: notification.
AB1636SupportCriminal procedure: determination of probable cause.
AB1638OpposeSearch warrants: vehicle recording devices.
AB1653WatchMissing or Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force.
AB1688WatchRehabilitation programs: recidivism.
AB1747SupportLaw enforcement: immigration.
AB1753WatchImmigration consultants.
AB1760SupportCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
AB1764SupportForced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program.
AB1772OpposeTheft: aggregation.
AB1782SupportAutomated license plate recognition information: usage and privacy policy.
AB1798SupportCalifornia Racial Justice Act: death penalty.
AJR1WatchVietnamese refugees.
ACA4SupportElections: voting age.
ACA6SupportElections: disqualification of electors.
ACA8SupportElections: voter qualifications.
SB12SupportMental health services: youth.
SB17WatchCivil discovery: sanctions.
SB22SupportRape kits: testing.
SB28WatchCitizens of the state.
SB30SupportDomestic partnership.
SB31SupportCourthouses: Privilege from civil arrest.
SB34WatchCannabis: donations.
SB36SupportPretrial release: risk assessment tools.
SB37WatchCorporation taxes: tax rates.
SB41SupportCivil actions: damages.
SB42SupportThe Getting Home Safe Act.
SB47SupportInitiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures.
SB48SupportLow Barrier Navigation Center developments.
SB51WatchFinancial institutions: cannabis.
SB53OpposeOpen meetings.
SB55WatchFirearms: prohibited persons.
SB57OpposeCalifornia New Motor Voter Program: voter registration.
SB141WatchParole: sexually violent offenses: validated risk assessment.
SB144SupportCriminal fees.
SB145SupportSex offenders: registration.
SB149WatchMail ballot elections.
SB161WatchControlled substances: fentanyl.
SB188SupportDiscrimination: hairstyles.
SB194OpposeCrime: masks and disguises.
SB203WatchAn act relating to a public bank.
SB218WatchEmployment: discrimination enforcement: local government.
SB225SupportCitizens of the state.
SB229SupportDiscrimination: complaints: administrative review.
SB230OpposeLaw enforcement: use of deadly force: training: policies.
SB233SupportImmunity from arrest.
SB257WatchFirearms: prohibited persons.
SB258WatchCalifornia Emergency Solutions and Housing Program: grants: homeless shelters: pets and veterinary services.
SB259WatchDepartment of Justice: crime statistics reporting.
SB269SupportWrongful convictions.
SB282SupportSupportive housing for parolees.
SB285WatchPublic social services.
SB310WatchJury selection.
SB329WatchDiscrimination: housing: source of income.
SB338WatchSenior and disability victimization: law enforcement policies.
SB360SupportMandated reporters: clergy.
SB368OpposePublic Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act.
SB394WatchCriminal procedure: diversion for primary caregivers of minor children.
SB399WatchCommission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.
SB411OpposeParole: Elderly Parole Program.
SB429OpposeLaw enforcement: cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
SB433WatchYouth development and diversion.
SB439WatchCriminal procedure: wiretapping: authorization and disclosure.
SB459WatchCrimes: rape: great bodily injury.
SB471WatchSubpoenas: form and service.
SB485SupportDriving privilege: suspension: offenses involving vehicle use.
SB510WatchHuman trafficking: additional term of sentence.
SB516SupportEvidence of participation in a criminal street gang.
SB529WatchTenant associations: eviction for cause.
SB534WatchInsurers: minority, women, LGBT, veteran, and disabled veteran business enterprises.
SB536WatchPublic safety officers.
SB555SupportJails and juvenile facilities: telephone services: stores.
SB580WatchAnimal abuse: probation: treatment.
SB618SupportPeace officers: perjury.
SB620WatchCriminal offender record information: referral of persons on supervised release.
SB651SupportDiscovery: postconviction.
SB665WatchMental Health Services Fund: county jails.
SB666OpposeMental health diversion.
SB678SupportRestorative Justice Pilot Program.
SB688WatchFailure to pay wages: penalties.
SB694WatchJuvenile halls: wireless communication devices.
SB716SupportJuveniles: delinquency: postsecondary academic and career technical education.
SB781WatchPublic Safety Omnibus.
SCA2SupportElections: recalls.