CCLA Sending Gas Masks to Standing Rock Protestors

SACRAMENTO — Members of the California Civil Liberties Advocacy (CCLA) have organized an effort to send a half-dozen gas masks to the protesters at Standing Rock, North Dakota, where “militarized” law enforcement personnel have escalated an otherwise peaceful protest.

CCLA President Amber Lynette works in crime scene cleanup and was able to acquire the masks after being replaced by newer models. “My team and I have used these masks to protect ourselves through the worst of anything, including tear gas clean up. We recently received new masks and, with police officers assaulting Native Americans and protestors in the dead of night at Standing Rock, I knew exactly where our old masks needed to go,” said Lynette.

The gas masks were wiped down by several board members of the CCLA before being packed for mailing to organizers in North Dakota. “The regalia of the oppressed—I had a few of our board members wipe them down so that these masks are ready for the resistance the moment they hit the ground. I only wish we had more.”

The masks were shipped from Sacramento on November 25th and should reach Standing Rock protestors by Monday, November 28th.