The California Civil Liberties Advocacy began in 2013 with an unincorporated group of citizens who had become rather disillusioned with the status quo in California and the United States as a whole. With a prison population higher than any other country in the world, dishonest law enforcement tactics, soaring police brutality, government intrusion into the private affairs of its citizens, and etc, it seemed more important than ever for common citizens to become more politically aware and band together to “petition their government for a redress of grievances.” Realizing that, (1) they were not alone, and (2) other disillusioned activists had already been taking action in other parts of the country from time immemorial, we decided to join the fight by forming a coalition. The CCLA engages directly with our state’s legislature, endeavors to inform the public on important policies, and enables them to hold accountable the lawmakers behind those policies by engaging in grassroots campaigns.

This is the fundamental root of a republic, that the people of a democratic society should not be so far removed from their elected representatives so as to lose their voice and their influence in shaping public policy. Thus the CCLA seeks to give voice to those who would otherwise have none, to speak up for those who are either lacking in the knowledge or who are too wary of their government to do so for themselves. Nonetheless, we believe there is still power in numbers. So the more people who join us in taking up the fight, the more likely we are to prevail. The CCLA exists to send a stern message to our elected officials, that they represent and work for we the people! Not the other way around. Please take a look around our website and get in touch with us, whether you want to become an active member or sign a letter acknowledging your support, every little bit adds up in this fight for democracy. We hope you’ll join us!

We support policy making that accentuates fundamental human rights and enhances the personal rights and freedoms of the individual. We support social and criminal justice reforms, legislation that is effective and efficient, and all policies which curb government intrusion into those rights of individuals.